Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Sweater Weather

Things go in cycles, but one constant is that I don't update my blog regularly enough. It's Thanksgiving week, which usually means a few days off. Really off. Not running the farmers' market, not getting kids off to/from college. And, the weather has turned. The freezing fog and threats of snow lead me to dust off my knitting basket and see what I've left abandoned during the hot weather.
Sunset over Circus Circus
The longest running WIP is my Noro modular sweater. It's probably been taking so long since I've been making up the pattern as I go. I'll get a section done then need to cogitate how the next bit fits on. I've finished the fronts and am starting saddle shoulders to connect the fronts and back. This should set me up for the arms, the collar, and the peplum. I'm not sure how I want any of that to look. The sweater is so riotously colorful.
The second longest running WIP is this yoked cardigan. After suffering endless boring brown and the actual loss of one sleeve on a car trip, I completed the yoke this summer. It really doesn't need too much more before it's done. Yesterday I slit the front and wove the ends, so it's button bands and a collar then into the wardrobe. I hate finishing work, but I want to wear it.

This third sweater in progress is a new animal for me. Nearly all of my sweaters to date have been warm woolly things that are predominantly worn for warmth. I've never had an "office weight" sweater, although my office is frigid enough that I wear warm sweaters frequently and take them on and off as the temp varies. This sweater will be short sleeved! Primarily because that is all the yarn amount I have. It's been a beast to knit the gauge properly. I've had to rip the body section twice. My fingers do not like knitting fingering weight yarn at the specified dk gauge, but that is what the pattern states. I have been able to work on this during the summer due to its light weight and size. It fills the slot for the mindless knitting project. I have round and round and round of straight purple to go, sort of the opposite of the Noro Modular.

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