Friday, April 27, 2012

Getting ink done

Perhaps you were hoping for a 13, but I drew this 31...

I couldn't decide whether to draw a dog or a lion so you get this hybrid.
You may recognize this as the pencil drawing from a few posts back. It's been in the works for way too long, but has now at least progressed to the next state.  I'm anxious to get color on it, but I haven't decided what medium to use, and I'm out of time for art today anyway. I'm particularly glad his head came out well (at least I think so.)

Monday, April 23, 2012


If you pardon the crappy photos, I'll share a peek at the drawing I'm currently working on.  I say "the" drawing to imply only the most recent session. I seem to have about as many unfinished drawings as I do pads.  I need to bring myself to finishing some rather than starting new ones.  I have been procrastinating and wandering, not sure where all of this is going, if in fact it is going anywhere. Kind of like the paths in the picture.
I'm hoping a theme gels as I continue inking.

Detail of the knotwork

Thursday, April 12, 2012

New toy

I meant tool. I much prefer using a dedicated eraser over the little smudgy excuse they usually mount on the end of a pencil. Now that I've already invested in a gross of refills for my standard Pentel click eraser, I've discovered what I like even better.

When I make Celtic drawings, I do a lot of erasing. Not because I am inaccurate, fickle, or sketchy, but due to the nature of construction. I don't weave those paths around in my head ahead of time. I lay everything out then establish what is over and what goes beneath. Consequently, I have many lines and crossings to adjust, and I've learned not to tempt fate and make them as I'm inking.

I found this gem in a Japanese market in Portland. It's a Tombow mono knock 3.8 and it's absolutely perfect for getting in those tiny spots without destroying all the lines in a two inch radius. I'm in love.