Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Unpack - Repack

It's been a busy summer, with lots of travel, and I find knitting the perfect travelling craft. I'm getting ready to head off Wednesday to a cross stitch show in St. Charles and realized I needed to pack up my travel knitting.  More importantly, I needed to unpack these two finished items and the related remaining yarn.

First up, Kindle cover made from some of that unlabeled yarn I scored at Craft Warehouse this summer. Rainbow yarn knit with both ends at once in  2 x 2 stripes created a cool but simple pattern. I found a nifty neoprene Kindle sock at the dollar store for (wait for it) one dollar.  It was ugly and plain, but it performs its job of providing nice cushion to the device, and you can't see it at all now that I sewed it in.

And in the finally finished category, the Drunken Rainbow Scarf. Named as such because the silly yarn would reverse color sequence arbitrarily and because of a peculiar defect that had two balls wound together in parallel, creating a giant tangly mess. This yarn was also from the Craft Warehouse booty. It's a nice scarf, but a bit bright for me, so it may become someone's Christmas present.

Now, the only thing remaining is to decide what to pack for this upcoming trip!