Monday, September 24, 2012

Oregon Flock and Fiber

Road trip last weekend with my son to the Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival. Woot.  Have finally gotten my car unpacked and the laundry working its way through the machines, although I have yet to hide put away all of my new fluff. Started with a little detour through Portland to hook up with a friend and drop off the new cross stitch models at Acorns & Threads. Very nice! The weather couldn't have been more pleasant, which was also true of all the people we met.

Turns out that Paul is a spinner too. He was particularly fascinated with all of the different custom wheels and their mechanisms for converting and transferring power. He was also helping a few folks calculate various drive ratios for different wheels & settings.  (Reminder: math is everywhere!)  He chose some brightly colored wool to continue practicing at home. At this point he says he has no desire to learn to knit or to wear anything knitted. We will have to see where this all goes.
Paul's selection of rovings. His first "stash."
It is hard to not get caught up with all the lovely fluff and stuff. Met a very amazing fellow John Beard who was demonstrating a Native American style of handweaving called Ravenstail Weaving. Saw all sorts of inspiring projects. Numerous things came home with me, including a full raw fleece (which Toaster, our dog, thinks smells just aMAZing.)

Bamboo&Silk whorls, silk hankies to spin
Did I really need another sock book? 
John Beard and my Mum
Silken eye candy
If I spin my Silk&Bamboo right I can make something like this.
Sheep and Goat's eyes creep me out. Those big rectangular pupils look better on octopi!
I have 5.5 lb of this now.

On the way home, we took a much enjoyed break and hiked up Multnomah Falls. Spectacular! It was totally worth circling the parking lot three and a half times waiting for a parking space.

As much as I'd like to jump in and start playing with the new fluff, it seems I have a long list of things that actually need to be done.