Wednesday, January 19, 2011

It's a Wrap

I wanted something besides another cup of tea this afternoon, so I made up a glass of this stuff - Lo-Han-Kuo Beverage.  We call it "Not Tea," with references to the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.  You can find it at any Asian grocery.  As I prepared my cup and boiled the water, I found myself terribly amused at the amount of wrapping involved.

Let us peel back the layers to get to the product...
  • Outer plastic wrap
  • cardboard box containing
  • twelve smaller cardboard boxes each containing
  • a plastic bag which holds
  • waxed paper which unfolds to reveal
  • ta da: two little cubes that look like bullion cubes.
I think they really missed the mark by not having an additional layer of plastic wrap on the twelve tiny boxes. Seriously, moisture or dust or anything could have contaminated the product.


  1. So does the not tea live up to its Hitchikers reputation?

  2. So what does the drink taste like?

    note, when I want something other than tea, I make one of the gazillions of rooibos blends that I have collected. No caffeine, and enough flavour to be interesting, not insipid like many herbal teas.

  3. It's not tea-like at all. The fruit has a lot of natural sugars in it, so it tastes sweeter than a tea. It is reminiscent of hot watered-down apple juice.

    In the Hitchhiker's Guide, you have to go into your brain and remove your common sense so that you can have Tea and Not Tea at the same time. It's a universal rule that you can only possess two of these three things at once: common sense, tea, no tea.

  4. It's good for people who are heaty, or if you have a sore throat, cold or sniffles.