Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Barrage Tonight

We've got tickets to see these guys tonight. The group is called Barrage.

They are doing a concert in conjunction with the local high school orchestras. The kids have a clinic/workshop with them all afternoon, then play a little wee bit with them during their concert tonight. The rest of the concert is just Barrage, and the kids have their real full concert tomorrow.

My daughter certainly has the long blond hair ready for Celtic-women-esque prancing about. She's not too far off on the fiddling, either, but she (like me) can't even imagine trying to dance while playing at the same time.  I'm curious what she'll get out of the workshop.


  1. I wonder if anybody will make them wear clothing that satisfies the school's dress code? The concert is in a high school auditorium, you know.

  2. If you like Barrage, do you know Leahy? I love both! Haven't seen Barrage live, though.

  3. This is one of my favourites by Leahy.
    That one is not as "dance-intensive" as some, but certainly energetic playing!

    This one has some great dancing:

    Note, they are all from one family!

  4. Thanks, Christine. That is some mighty fine fiddling by the Leahy group. I've never been into the step dancing - just considered it one of those distractions that sometimes occur during the music. ;-) I hadn't heard of them before, so I thank you.

  5. Leahy's first album (just titled "Leahy") is one that I put on when I need energizing!

    How was the concert?

  6. The concert was pretty amazing. I have never seen such wickedly fast fiddling. I was impressed too at the diversity of the music. They had some amazing arrangements of things like Ghost Riders in the Sky, Bolero, Viva la Vida, and the Flintstones song. Sometimes the physical antics were a bit distracting from the music, but they had the audience on their feet screaming and whooping just like a big rock concert.

    I've never seen orchestra kids so jazzed before about music. They were just beaming and gushing after the show.