Friday, March 30, 2012

Enter the Dragon (fruit)

Not having spent any appreciable time vacationing or living in the tropics, we considered this quite the novelty when we heard that the local grocery store was selling dragon fruit.

This be the outside
This be the insides
Interestingly, it turns out these are fruit from a cactus rather than a tree. Also interesting how the outside pink skin peels off easily to reveal a pulpy seed-mass. The flesh was mild yet rather tasty - NOTHING like our adventure with the durian.  We all agreed we would have them again, preferably on location somewhere tropical and preferably not at $3.50 a pop.

We've saved a bit of the seeds with thoughts of sprouting them. It's unlikely we could grow a plant big enough to bear fruit as we live in a place that freezes and they do require multiple plants for cross-pollination by bats and moths.  However, it might make an interesting potted plant.

Mmmm, vitamin C and lots of fiber

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