Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Yellow Dog

New drawing finished today. I've had this one in some stage of completion since last fall, but didn't get to the coloring until this long weekend. It is ink with colored pencils, a first for me!
Yellow Dog (if you can call it a dog)
 Well, actually, that was the second knot that I did with colored pencils, as I did this one first to see how it would come out. I had recently discovered the "colorless blender" pencil and had to play with it.  If you like to use colored pencils but do not like the white areas left behind where the paper has texture, you will love how the blender fills in and smooths those areas. It almost looks like you are using markers or something else.

It reminds me of a drafting job I had part-time during high school when I was instructed to use mineral spirits on some maps we were making.  The spirits sure made a beautiful smoothing effect, but I was always worried that the whole building was going to go up in flames or that I would spill the crap all over the desk.  Blender pencils are so much easier!!!!!


  1. I admire your imagination! That is all I can say....

  2. The dog is gorgeous !!!!

    Your artwork is sumptuous regardless of the tools you use, but I do have to admit, you do aspire me (she-who-cannot-draw-stickmen) to try these new pens and pencils and brushes and paints you find, so please keep writing about them!

  3. I love the pink/purple swirls (dog's tail?), they seem almost random!

  4. I love the colors and the shape of the "dog" is neat. Very nice
    drawing. I am glad you keep doing these and second the motion that you say what you used.