Saturday, April 6, 2013

Equal Opportunity

My last post was about some awesome black-ish pens I scored at Staples. I do not wish to imply that I find any one color superior over others, so this post gives a proper shout-out for some wonderful white ink.  Not to be confused with White-Out (correction fluid,) white ink is meant for drawing on colored paper, or adding  back in highlights on black (waterproof) ink.

Mandala drawn with white ink
After finding those BLX pens, I did a little research and found that they came in multiple point sizes, and of course then needed to order some.  Jet Pens had happened to mention them in their current email newsletter, so that was my first stop. From that point, it was only a question of what ELSE to add to my cart to hit the magic "free shipping" threshold. I found this bottle of Kaimei Manga white ink would be perfect. Thank you Jet Pens for the speedy service. Your package arrived just prior to our power going out for a few hours this afternoon. Perfect timing, as I had needed the break from the computer that a bit of painting would provide.

As the reviews indicated, the ink has a bit of a foaming issue, but that can be dealt with. I used a brush and the ink straight out of the bottle to draw this mandala.  The most interesting thing about applying the ink on colored paper was the ink's initial look being watery and not covering well.  It turns out though, as it dried it whitened up to a pleasant level.  The drying time was quick enough that I didn't have any smudging problems as I worked my way around painting each round of petals.  Overall - loved it, and will need to be doing more of this sort of thing.

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