Sunday, June 23, 2013

Coyote Pups

We discovered three coyote pups this morning during our walk. I came by later this evening with a real camera and was delighted to find them back home, although only two came out to see us. No sign of the parents on either visit.  I hope they manage to survive without being driven off. The culvert leads to a densely sagebrushed area where they no doubt have their den.


  1. Nice pictures! I enjoyed them. We have a den near us too but I only hear them.

  2. I used to open the windows at night so I could hear the coyotes - but then they built the new high school, and I assume scared them all too far away for me to be able to hear them. And as I currently have a rabbit living near our yard, I assume I don't have any near now :( I loved seeing them when we played war games when I was always on a night shift at Cannon AFB in New Mexico... I have a couple of alpaca farms around me - I wonder if they were ever bothered by coyotes? Hmmmm....