Sunday, August 27, 2017

Thinking Big

Well, I've kept my resolution to make more art this year. I just haven't blogged much about it.  Here is my latest big effort, and big it is. This is important, as I have a gallery show early next year and flat out need plenty of pieces to select from and some size variety will be good.

New mandala on full watercolor sheet (22 x 30")
I'm trying a new technique to get the ink on the page: drawing small then enlarging it using a projector.  Reasons why this might be good...

  1. No construction lines to erase.
  2. No construction lines leaving dents in the paper in open spaces.
  3. Don't have to struggle with a pencil compass to draw a 20" circle.
  4. Easier to draw smooth curves on a small scale.
  5. Ability to start over on a new sheet without starting completely over if I f*** it up, which I did sadly in this case but didn't lose the many hours doing the initial steps.
  6. I can theoretically do something in acrylic or oil without having to puncture the canvas with the compass point.
Some people in the art community think that projector are evil, but frankly if it is just me enlarging my own drawing I say to heck with them. I got the Artograph Flare 100, which was pricey, but has the ability to take multiple inputs (smartphone, thumb drive, USB, HDMI.) We can even watch a movie by projecting a DVD onto a blank wall, if there was  such a thing as a blank wall in this house.

This shows how big compared to other recent works.
 It's going to take about 8 times longer to paint the watercolors than a small one, so I'd better stop typing and get painting.


  1. What a great idea! I completely understand about the difference between drawing smaller rather than larger initially. And the projector is just another tool. It's not doing anything to your drawing other than enlarging it exactly as you rendered it. I can't wait to see the watercolor! You always make me want to pick up a pencil and pad to draw again. So far it's only gotten as far as buying new materials. Maybe someday, now that I'm really (well sort of) retired.

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