Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Likely Yarn

I started teaching a class on knitting Norwegian sweaters at the local yarn shop last night. I figured it would be only appropriate to have one of my own on the needles, so I started this new sweater about the same time the kids went back to school. It's for my hubby - you can see the finished goal in the leaflet.  I really only get to work on it during those morning times when I'm nagging the children onward through their getting-ready-for-school routine.  In its current phase, I call this my zombie knitting projects, as I need barely be conscious or I can be multitasking (i.e., the movie has subtitles). 

Something a bit more challenging, but only a bit.  Some socks for hubby.  This is the last of a kilo of grey rag wool I had bought. After about 4 pairs of gray ones, I decided to dye the rest maroon to give a little variety. I am making this up as I go along, hence the need to do both socks at once. The calf shaping is done by transitioning the wide cabled rib into regular rib - we'll see how that goes.

Last thing to show is one half of a pair of pumpkin hats for a friend who just had twins. This has been such a cute pattern - I've probably made a dozen of them for friends and family.

1 comment:

  1. I ADORE the pumpkin hats!

    The socks look very BERRYlicious :)

    Good luck with the YArn Class - hope you meet many interesting people who turn out to be new friends!