Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Just Noodling Around

I had an Amazon gift certificate I had been sitting on for a few months since my birthday. I had been feeling guilty I hadn't read any of my most recent book purchases and shouldn't buy another until I did so.  I order other junk from Amazon, but it just seemed wrong to use birthday money buying the replacement part of a blender or a rubber cargo bed liner for the Subaru (my recent non-book purchases.) Then I chanced upon the ink department and knew I'd have no problem disposing of the disposable income, not that I actually was out of ink.

Arriving last night were these four little bottles of Noodler's Fountain Pen Ink. I did a quick test with a dip pen to see what I got.

But wait - four bottles and only 3 samples on the card???

Bwah hah ha! Did I mention that I also ordered a pair of black light LED flashlights? One for me and one for my son. It takes two to have secrets. It works fabulously - it's just hard to take a picture of it.

Top to bottom:
  • Blue Ghost Invisible Bulletproof Ink
  • Noodler's Blue Eel (supposed to be a lubricating ink that is good in old crotchety and cheap pens.)
  • La Coulour Royal (i.e. purple, but a very deep bluish one - I really like it)
  • Hunter Bulletproof Eternal (this one had very different characteristics out of the bottle - it seemed thick, wrote bloopily and took forever to dry. And was a third the size of the others for the same price = rip off.) This one also looked very cool under the black light - each stroke had a glowing halo around it.

And "bulletproof" and "eternal" don't have anything to do with being unsmearable, apparently.  My smears won't ever fade in the light, and a check forget would not be able to remove all traces of my scribblings.

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