Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Road Trip

I took the girl down on a quick trip to Portland last weekend. Plans had changed unexpectedly, leaving the weekend open to hook up with a group of fellow stitchers.  We carpooled up with a friend from Pendleton, which was nice both from the aspects of companionship and cost.  We also had the benefit of Sue's being raised in Oregon and knowing all the cool spots to visit en route.

We'd always just taken I-84, but Sue showed us an old Highway 30 that runs parallel for part of the trip. Not for those in a hurry, but perfect for those who want to see some nice waterfalls and cool old government sponsored park projects. Some photos for those of you who have never experienced the beauty of the Columbia Gorge:

We got a bit of stitching done. My model stitcher Carol from Seattle was there so I got to see how one of my models was coming along (I'm quite excited about it!) Did a little bit of geocaching and took a visit to the local brew pub. I'm planning a trip with my son next along the same route, except perhaps skipping the pub. ;o)

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