Tuesday, March 26, 2013

About Face

Continuing evidence of why the mill ends aren't sold as first cuts.  This bag of yarn has been quite nice, but has not been without surprises.  The first ball I tackled turned out to be two parallel strands wound together for the whole length, making a large twisty mess (which I set aside as it was taking 3 people to wind and untwist it into submission.)  Now this other ball...
The color sequence has up and reversed on me!
Has been marching along in rainbow order, although to be picky I would point out in one sequence the yellow portion was about twice as long as the other. Until last night.  Teal, blue, purple, pink, then back to purple, then blue. It's now my lucky DOUBLE RAINBOW.  You did know that the color sequences of the second rainbow (referring to the meteorological phenomenon) are flipped from normal, right?

Fortunately, I don't think anyone will know or care once it is wrapped around the neck and draped about.

It does leave me to wonder what mysteries the third ball will hold. I just hope it's not the "knot every 20 yards" flaw.

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