Saturday, March 23, 2013


A couple of incoming papers to share with you today.  The first is this desperate plea for help from Zabet, from the Anticraft:

I think I have no course of action but to grab my musket, a few vials of laudanum, and mount up the horses and head her way. I hope they can hold out until help arrives. This is actually part of elaborate Parlour Trick. If the thought of haunted chamber music intrigues you, click the picture below - you can hear the album on line and then buy a download. Cool stuff. Thanks, Zabet!

Also, this bit of ephemera, as found tucked inside a second-hand book purchased this week. I found it terribly entertaining, not just because of the atrocious spelling, but the idea that a person would need all of these things at once. It's such a random collection of items that extends beyond the typical grocery list. The edibles are so disparate, I can't even image what s/he's going to be cooking for dinner. I'm trying to imagine the person who wrote it out.

The most amusing item is the Metamucil, when considering the book was a volume of manga. Seriously, how many Death Note readers supplement their fiber intake with Metamucil? Maybe it was for grandma.

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